AIM-IRS DFW Area Chapter

Association for Improvement of Minorities in the Internal Revenue Service (AIM-IRS)


Month 9 Objective:  Interview Skills:
Preparation for the interview and a mock interview with a panel and feedback.
Interview preparation and a mock with an interview panel for a target position; with feedback from the panel on the interview.

National Career Mentoring Assistance Program (C.A.M.P.)​​

Description of the Program: AIM-IRS Mentoring program provides individual role models to identify with aspiring members and journeyman members for the purpose of transferring skills, organization management, counseling, tutoring and assisting in human resource development. Workshops are given periodically throughout the program. The 9 month program outlines the skill-building for each month’s Objectives, as follows:

Month 5 Objective:  Presentation Skills:
Discussion of how to do an effective presentation, and provide Protégé with an opportunity to make presentation.

Month 2 Objective  Self Awareness:
Develop a personal mission statement of your (the Protégé’s) career goals
Identify 3 critical personal development goals that you want to work on
Goal setting  (Dialogue about short and long range career objectives, and gap analysis between personal self-assessment and job skills assessment from month #1.)

Month 4 Objective:  Time Management Skills:
Setting Priorities/Meeting Deadlines

Month 6 Objective: Shadowing Assignment:
Mentor will arrange a Shadowing opportunity in the Protégé’s desired career field

Month 7 Objective Networking Skills:
Enhance networking skills to improve current performance and career advancementType your paragraph here.


  • Nichol Traylor - IT Specialist
  • Jacqueline McClain - Revenue Officer
  • Tiffany Battle - Case Advocate 

2018 Open Enrollment

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Month 3 Objective:  Self-Development:
Develop a career learning plan

Month 8 Objective:  Job Application Writing Skills:
Writing in preparation for a target position using KSA’s or Leadership Competencies

Month 1 Objectives Self-Assessment:
Skills assessment and competencies:
Mentor and Protégé to discuss, what jobs have you been really good at, and why?  What skills are required for upward mobility in that field? How can your current skill competencies be applied to the new career field of your desire?.